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Hommes & Gars is an independent community organization whose overall mission is to promote health and to contribute to the well-being of the Magdalen Islands' male population.




Marie-Claude Harvie – Psychosocial worker

Graduated in Special Education and Counseling, with nearly a decade of experience in individual intervention and counseling with various clients (children, adolescents, and adults) dealing with various issues (violence, social and academic disengagement, delinquency, sexual aggression, lack of self-confidence, mental health, adaptation difficulties, etc.).

"It is a pleasure for me to intervene with men to help them improve their self-awareness, their relationships with others, and thus help them fully flourish. At Hommes & Gars, we undergo continuous training every year, which allows us to be better equipped and better able to assist the men who come to see us."

Camille Lachapelle – Psychosocial Worker

A graduate in Special Education, she joined the Hommes & Gars team following an internship with the organization. Her life experiences and the encounters she has had destined her to work in counseling. Her humanity and great sensitivity make her a valuable asset for intervention with men. Her versatility also leads her to engage in other areas such as awareness-raising and promotion.

"People need to be offered empathy and the space to talk about what they feel without shame and without judgment. I am happy to be part of a team that provides this to the men in our community."

Gino Richard — Psychosocial Worker

A graduate in psychology, it was after more than a year of deep reflection that the idea of ​​helping men in their life journey led me to Homme & Gars. The needs are great, and many men are not accustomed to accessing their inner world. Verbalizing an emotion, a feeling, or a need always feels good!


"I feel privileged to have a knack for enabling men to confide in and open up with trust. It is from there that the relationship can be born, helpful and, most importantly, authentic."

Bryan Bernier – Psychosocial Worker

A graduate of the Université du Québec à Montréal in social work since 2018 and a psychosocial worker since 2016, Bryan has over 10 years of experience in the community sector with various clients and issues. Working full-time at Hommes & Gars from 2018 to 2020, Bryan remains involved with the organization through smaller assignments.


"I have had the privilege of guiding participants towards achieving their goals, taking into account their strengths, aspirations, and life stories. Now, my role is more about contributing to reflections to improve our services for men who already use our facilities and to reach out to those who are more distant from our services."

Pierre-Luc Richard – Outreach and Communication Officer

After completing a university education in public communication and spending about 10 years in local media, he first revolved around the organization as an administrator before putting his experience and skills to use within the work team since March 2023. His mandate is to ensure the visibility and outreach of Hommes & gars activities, whose mission and values ​​contribute to the fulfillment of the entire community and to the construction of better coexistence, he believes, notably through awareness-raising actions.


"This is my way of giving back and encouraging the population of the Islands, of all ages and statuses, to reflect on the various issues."

Serge Richard – Coordinator

As a graduate in business administration and having at heart the social development of his community, Serge joined the community field in 2015. At the end of 2018, he joined the Hommes & Gars team as coordinator.


"I take pride in working for a communitary organization. It is a rich, dynamic, mobilized environment that is fully in line with my values and has a real impact on communities."


Our members can be proud of the dedication of their directors. We are fortunate to be supported by these people who strongly believe in our cause.


Claude Roy


Serge Rousseau


Amélie Miousse


Jean-Simon Leblanc


Robert Brien

Martin Arseneau

Daniel D’Entremont


Like any other independent community organization, Hommes & Gars requires support from its community. Acquiring membership comes with many benefits. Furthermore, any new membership or renewal is CONFIDENTIAL and FREE.


Hommes & Gars was created from an observation shared by several social and outreach workers as well as many organizations in the field concerning the male reality in the Magdalen Islands.

A committee composed of people from diverse backgrounds is formed to discuss the needs of the population following a recommendation from the Regional Table on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault GIM. The committee concludes that there is a great need for men's health in the Islands. In addition, it appears that it is difficult to reach men who are experiencing difficulties and distress and when they ask for it, it is not uncommon for consultation for psychosocial follow-up to be available only months later due to lack of resources in the region.

After six months of meetings and pondering, the committee recommends the creation of a new autonomous and independent community organization that would meet the needs of men in terms of psychosocial services.

Thus, the first individual meetings began in February 2013 and several activities were added thereafter. Through its professionalism, Hommes & Gars established itself very quickly as an essential organization in the Magdalen Islands.


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