When someone asks you : “How are you doing?” You’re usual response is : “Good... doing good.” But what are you actually feeling?


You are Not Alone


The constraints of traditional masculinity can make it really difficult and not that easy to ask for help. A man is not allowed to complain, he must be “tough”, and he must be confident and organized on his own.


You’ve Come to the Right Place

No matter what the reason, we are here to support you in a non judgmental environment. We know it can be hard to ask for help, and we can work together to try and overcome whatever you are struggling with. Here are some examples of problems that men come to see us about.


Relationship difficulties : I really have a hard time expressing my needs. I find it difficult to maintain a stable relationship either in love or friendship. I find myself frequently in conflict with my co-workers.


Separation : I am going through a difficult separation. I want to make things better, but I honestly don’t know what to do.


Anger/Impulsiveness/Violence : I find myself getting angry for no reason. I get frustrated with my spouse over little things. Sometimes I shout, insult, or denigrate my spouse. I scream at my children. Sometimes I slam doors, bang walls, etc. when I am frustrated/angry. People say I can be “explosive”.


Other : I need someone to talk to about my life presently. I am questioning my present relationship. I wonder about my capacity to be a good father. I am not certain about my job anymore. I am having trouble managing or keeping track of my alcohol and drug use.


Youth Beat


Are you an English-speaking male youth? Are you finding it hard to be a teen, misunderstood or alone. We aren’t here to tell you what to do. We want to provide you with the support that you need when you ask for it.


We provide a place where you can be yourself, the way you want to be, and feeling accepted. Our job is to create a place where you can express yourself, and help you be able to navigate whatever struggles you might be having.


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